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28cm Colour My World Globe with Stickers

This teaching globe is perfect for home or the classroom where children can learn about the land mas..

£26.24 £24.99

4M Green Science Eco Engineering Rubbish Cart Robot

Construct a motorised rubbish bin that explores its surroundings. The robots lid opens and closes, a..

£18.99 £15.99

4M Kidz Labs Glow Dino and Fossils Kit

Be a curious palaeontologist; Excavate and assemble a glow in the dark T-Rex skeleton, set up a mode..

£18.99 £16.99

4M Kidz Labs Sci - Toys Lab

Power the LED clock with a lemon, make a volcano erupt in your palm, recycle bottles to make a giant..

£21.99 £19.99

4M Kidz Labs Weather Lab

Build a mini weather station to record everyday weather changes. Conduct experiments to discover the..

£20.99 £17.99

4M Science Museum Doodling Robot

Who says art and science dont mix; Youll be amazed at the creativity of this doodle-crazy robot. Wit..

£14.99 £10.99

4M Science Museum Flying Science Kit

Build fun flying toys and learn the science principles behind each toy. Makes 9 flying projects. Bui..

£14.99 £10.99

4M Science Museum Solar Rover Kit

Construct a vehicle and learn how sunlight turns into energy with this hot mover. This Solar Rover i..

£17.99 £12.99

4M Science Museum Tin Can Robot

Turn a metal can into this walking, wobbling, bog-eyed robot. It could be transformed to become a ro..

£18.99 £12.99

4M Solar Powered Vehicle

Gain hands-on experience in simple vehicle construction. Let the sun power the car. No batteries req..

£19.99 £15.99

50cm Mega Globe

A mega-sized 50cm diameter inflatable political globe in an original and colourful design. With grea..

£10.99 £7.99

Aqua Dragons Deluxe Playset

Hatch and care for your own live prehistoric pets. Just add water and they miraculously hatch in jus..

£19.99 £17.99

Aqua Dragons Fascinating Live Underwater World

Aqua Dragons are real live aquatic creatures that you can hatch and grow at home. This kit includes ..

£11.54 £10.99

Aqua Dragons Jurassic eGGspedition

Jurassic Time Travel is a new range from Aqua Dragons. These prehistoric creatures have been on Eart..

£28.99 £24.99