Garden Hand Tools & Accessories

Garden Hand Tools & Accessories
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1 Metre Citronella Bamboo Candles - Set of 2

Enjoy the refreshing smell of citronella in your garden and create a beautiful ambience with these e..

£9.99 £7.99

Fiskars 1.66kg Chopping Axe

This chopping axe is ideal for chopping down saplings and general forestry work.Perfect balance betw..

£42.74 £40.60

Gardena Axe

The hardened blade of this axe makes it perfect to cut through tough materials.It is made from premi..

£29.99 £19.99

Razorsharp Bypass and Anvil Secateur

A twin pack of bypass and anvil secateur, with PTFE coated blades for rust resistance and smoother c..

£15.99 £8.49

Razorsharp Heavy Duty Bypass Secateur

Professional Heavy Duty Bypass Secateur is designed to withstand the rigours of professional use, da..

£17.09 £15.38

Silverline Pressure Sprayer 5 Litre

For easy spraying of water-based liquids including lawn feed, fertiliser and weed killer.Long-reach ..

£15.99 £12.99

Sovereign 3 Piece Cutting Set - 2kg

Including a Lopper, Shear and Pruner, this Sovereign 3 Piece Cutting Set is perfect for garden maint..

£7.99 £1.99

Sovereign 5 Piece Set of Garden Tools - 6.7kg

This Sovereign 5 Piece Set of Garden Tools includes a spade, fork, dutch hoe, soil rake and lawn edg..

£13.99 £2.99

Sovereign Digging Fork - 2kg

This high quality Sovereign Digging Fork is designed for breaking up soil, aerating lawns and turnin..

£3.99 £0.99

Sovereign Garden Spade - 2kg

This Sovereign Carbon Steel Digging Spade is perfect for digging soil.Ideal for digging soil.Polypro..

£4.99 £0.99

Spear & Jackson Granite Garden Gloves - Large

Premium leather glove with Kevlar liner.Tough and durable whilst providing superior comfort and dext..

£12.99 £10.52

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Secateurs and Sharpener Set

The set contains Razorsharp Advance Ratchet Anvil secateurs and a 6 in 1 Blade Sharpener.The secateu..

£8.99 £11.11

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Small Folding Pruning Saw

Folding Prunins Saw features a 245mm carbon steel blade with ultra sharp precision ground teeth a 7 ..

£5.99 £11.33

Universal Studded Snow and Ice Grips - Pack of 2

A pair of studded snow and ice grips which fit most boots & shoes.The studs provide excellent grip...

£4.99 £2.99