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1-2-3 Build It!

Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It; Car-Plane-Boat. The fun is endless with this 3-in-1 toy vehicle s..


100x To 900x Zoom Diecast Microscope Set

This microscope will fascinate all children once they learn the rudimentaries of micro-science. With..


2 In 1 - Doll Buggy And Removable Carry Cot

For 30cm doll. Adjustable handle. Rigid metal frame. Removable carry cot. Na. General information: D..


4M Eco Engineering 3 In 1 Mini Solar Robot

This solar-powered robot is compact yet multifunctional. It climbs along clothes lines, walks under ..


4M Eco Engineering Junkyard Drummer

A fun kit that can be built by children 8 and above. Collect used drinks cans, cartons and more and ..


4M Eco Engineering Solar Plane Mobile

This kit contains all of the parts for children to construct a solar plane mobile. The aircraft prod..


4M Green Science Eco Engineering Rubbish Cart Robot

Construct a motorised rubbish bin that explores its surroundings. Using the detailed instructions in..


4M Green Science Eco Engineering Tin Can Edge Detector Robot

Help save our environment. Recycle a used a beverage can to build this Edge Detector Robot. Followin..


4M Green Science Weather Science Kit

Learn the science behind weather phenomenon. Create misty cloud with the cloud maker, conduct experi..


4M Kidz Labs Sci-Toys Lab

This science kit covers 8 chemistry, physics and maths topics. Power the LED clock with a lemon, mak..


4M Kidz Labs Showtime Science Magic

Over 29 breath-taking magic tricks allow young scientists to explore and learn scientific principles..


4M Kidz Labs Volcano Crystal Mining Kit

A great kit for any child 8 and above containing two fantastic activities. Build a Volcano and use i..


4M Kidz Labs Weather Lab

Build a mini weather station to record everyday weather changes. Conduct experiments to discover the..


4M Science Museum Doodling Robot

Build a Robot thats an Artist. Doodle Robots Motor makes it shake and spin to draw spectacular patte..


4M Science Museum Flying Science Kit

Ready for take off; Discover how spinning motors and plastic discs can launch a paper plane at up to..


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